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Call 832-529-6797 and leave an anonymous Crime Tip. (Totally anonymous, Not for 911.)

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Send an anonymous text, start a live chat, or tell us how we can contact you about a crime.

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Send a quick tip and include up to three photos & video with text. (anonymous)

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The most detail possible. Send a crime tip with photos, video, text, descriptions, suspect info, location and type of crime.

Call the Tip Line

Here's What You Do.

Your message will be received by the Sheriff's Office, & forwarded for investigation.

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Send a Text Message

Text Messages Can Be Anonymous

See something? Send a text. Texts are anonymous and immediate.

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Send A Quick Tip

Add Images or Video

Take a photo, send a video send a tip. Powerful & effective.

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Send A Complete Tip

The Most Detail Possible

This is the most powerful crime tipping system ever. And you can help.

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